Hope Island & Currumbin Clinics

Month: March 2020


Covid 19 update for patients

Covid -19 Update on Dental Services for our Patients

As a dental clinic we are an essential service and are still treating patients. We take the health of our patients and our staff seriously; therefore we have the following safeguards in place for your appointment: If you are feeling well and are not considered a High Risk patient, please keep your appointment as booked …

Covid 19 update for patients

Impact of COVID-19 Activity Upon Dental Practices and StarKlinics

This last week we have seen 9 new patients cancel. We have managed to keep the majority of booked treatments, with 2 cancellations the majority of reasons are due to slight cold symptoms. The industry as a whole has implemented practical protocols and policies regarding both staff sickness and patient illness. We request that all …

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